Scan documents on the go with this app for iOS

Scan documents on the go with this app for iOS

Scanning has transformed the legal industry for the better by not only enabling the conversion of paper documents into digital ones and making paperless document transfer possible, but also by allowing law firms to save on purchasing costs and time. But while scanners have made file transfer easier and faster, they still have their limits. For one, lawyers can’t bring one with them to every client meeting or court appointment. It’s just too much hassle.

If you’ve ever wished to send a time-critical document to your colleagues but you’re in an inconvenient location or there are no scanners nearby, then it’s time to stop wishing and download Evernote Scannable, an app that turns your iOS device into a scanner.

Precise and powerful functions

Evernote has a simple and intuitive design, and it works as soon as you install it on your iPhone or iPad. To scan a document, just hover the in-app camera over the documents you wish to scan. The app automatically rotates, crops, and adjusts images upon capture. It also removes unflattering backgrounds (like the tablecloth you laid your receipt on) so you always get clear and crisp scans.

Beyond scanning images, Scannable automates simple actions for you. When you scan a business card, for example, the app extracts the contact information, processes it, and creates a digital profile that allows you to contact the person with just a click of a button.

Unmatched organization and shareability

Wouldn’t it be frustrating and inefficient if you had to go through all of your photos just to find that one business card from a potential client you met five months ago? Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all that trouble because Scannable organizes your scans in its internal folder, so you can search for and pull up specific scans with ease.

Scannable also compiles your files. When you scan a document, it automatically displays a queue tray where you can load the next image to be scanned. This feature enables you to compile scanned images into one document.

Whether it’s a single file or a compiled one, you can choose to save your document as either PDF or JPG, and you can toggle between those options with just a few taps. These digital versions are shareable via email or your device’s native messaging app. You can even import scans to Evernote, where you can store them in a separate notebook or integrate them with existing notes.

Evernote Scannable is more than a mobile tool that converts a physical document into a digital one. Utilized properly, it can heighten your firm’s productivity, speed up workflows, and facilitate efficient document lookup and retrieval. It’s an IT solution that your firm definitely needs.

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