The advantages of a private cloud for law firms

The advantages of a private cloud for law firms

Cloud computing has been around for some time now and has proved to be an effective means for managing and securing data. As such, even if you have some reservations, you may be considering moving your practice to the cloud. Having second thoughts about cloud migration isn’t uncommon, as there are plenty of cloud myths that are going around, no matter how groundless they may be.

In this article, we’ll explain how cloud-based technologies can benefit your firm. We’ll even go the extra mile and convince you not only to migrate to the cloud but to move your practice to a private one. Let’s dive in.

Mobility and agility

Being locked in the four walls of the office can be a real problem for a modern law firm. In the traditional server model, your access to important information, such as your case management database, is limited to your office, which means you can only work in one place using a single device.

But what if a partner calls you to work on an important case while you’re still on the commute home? Surely you don’t want to go all the way back to the office when you can work anytime, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device.

When you migrate your practice to a private cloud, all your firm’s software and data will reside in an online server located within your office premises. This way, all authorized people can log in to and work from a virtual desktop at their convenience, allowing them to manage their cases and clients more efficiently.

Apart from improving employee productivity and efficiency, a private cloud will also keep your team agile. Your employees can access a single file simultaneously with a private cloud. This makes collaborative work easier, thereby increasing productivity.

Going beyond your team, you’ll also be able to communicate better with clients and stakeholders. Clients value transparency and don’t appreciate being surprised by sudden developments in important cases. By using a private cloud, you can keep your clients always updated on their cases. This will improve your credibility, which can lead to the acquisition of new clients, the attraction of high-level talent, and ultimately, an increase in your revenue.

No more server hardware upgrades

Setting up and managing a solid IT infrastructure can be challenging for lawyers; these tasks, after all, are not part of any law school’s curriculum. But even small firms need a reliable in-house server to host and secure software and documents.

This in-house server will entail a lot of buying and managing of server hardware, backup hardware and software, and even battery backup. What’s more, you’re going to need an IT consultant to help you keep everything up and running. And despite all your efforts, something is bound to break down. Servers can stop working; software can be corrupted; processors can reboot for hours.

But a private cloud can eliminate these problems. It will be your online server, saving you the trouble of buying, maintaining, and repairing on-premise ones. A private cloud already has the necessary maintenance, updates, repair, and backups you’ll ever need.

Enhanced security

Cyberattacks make headlines daily, and cyber-criminals continue to devise new ways to hack into your system. This is why it’s not surprising that a lot of law firms still rely on on-premise IT. They believe that their data is more secure just because the server is in their office building, and they think that putting their data in the cloud means compromising its security.

But the truth is, no matter where your data resides, as long as you’re connected to the internet, your data is just as accessible to hackers. The difference is, with a private cloud, there will be IT experts who will maintain and secure your data 24/7/365. These professionals use enterprise-grade firewalls, real-time intrusion detection technology, and military-grade encryption to make sure that your sensitive client data remains confidential.

With these points in mind, it’s safe to say that a reputable, legal-centric private cloud provider still beats a good in-house IT guy in terms of cybersecurity for law firms. Vertex Cloud Desktop is an enterprise-grade IT solution for all your hardware, software, security, management, and business needs. If you have more questions about private cloud, contact Vertex now.