Secure your remote access solution while on vacation

Secure your remote access solution while on vacation

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay productive and be able to manage your business securely, even while enjoying the beach and basking in the sun? With summer upon us, make sure your remote access solution is secure.

What is a remote access solution?

A remote access solution is an application or software that allows you to access all your files and documents outside the office premises.

What is it for?

Remote access solutions help users get work done over the weekend or to telecommute on a regular basis. Most remote access solutions are easy to set up, though they do have some highly technical aspects, which a trusted managed IT services provider or MSP can help you with.

These solutions enable remote programming, diagnostics, and troubleshooting without disrupting existing systems. For instance, while your IT technicians are in transit, they can already fix problems such as outdated software or a problematic connection. This way, they can focus on hardware issues once they get to the office. This increases productivity, as it reduces network downtime.

Different types of solutions

There are three main types of remote access solutions — choose one that suits your company’s needs and fits your budget.

Remote access software

  • Allows users to remotely access their on-premise PCs


  • Can be easily set up and configured by the end user


  • Centralized control can be limited

Virtual private network (VPN)

  • Allows you to use your personal device by making it work like a part of the corporate network


  • Lets you map drives as if you’re working in the office
  • Seamless environment


  • Harder to set up
  • Prone to security risks because you’re practically allowing unvetted devices to be a part of the business network.

Enterprise remote desktop

  • Enterprise-level solution that’s easily scalable to the number of your employees. It allows you to monitor and control every aspect of your network and which facets are accessible to each user.


  • Easy to use
  • Seamless experience regardless of the device you’re using


  • More difficult to set up
  • Quite costly to install and maintain — but if you hire an MSP, you can get the benefits for a fixed monthly fee

How to secure your remote access solution

If a cybercriminal gains access to one of your devices, they can use that to get into your network, steal your data, and demand a ransom or sell your data on the dark web. They can also infect your system with malware from one remote PC, as was the case with SQL Slammer, a worm that infected over 250,000 computers worldwide within a matter of minutes in 2003.

To keep cyberattacks at bay, install a firewall on each remote desktop. You can also tunnel all traffic over an encrypted and strongly authenticated VPN to make sure that every transaction and data access is safe. Use multifactor authentication (MFA) — a method that requires more than one factor, such as a code sent to your phone or an answer to a security question — to minimize the risk of unauthorized remote access.

Lastly, you can partner with a trusted MSP like Vertex to help you securely implement the remote access solution that’s best for your business. With Vertex, your network is constantly monitored 24/7/365. You can focus on doing your work on vacation while we take care of your remote access and cybersecurity needs. If you have more questions about remote access solutions, contact Vertex now.

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