How to move your IT to a new office

One of the greatest challenges of moving to a new office involves setting up your IT system. Your tech infrastructure should be set up as optimally as it was in your previous office. That said, you may also take the relocation as an opportunity to augment your IT system’s capabilities or improve its efficiency.

In any case, rebuilding your infrastructure should focus on these areas:


If you own the computers, servers, and other IT equipment in your office, then you’ll mostly be concerned with transporting and installing them in your new location. However, if you’re building an IT system from scratch, identify your hardware needs first. That includes determining the number of people who will use computers, the number of servers needed to accommodate your data, and any additional machines and accessories you will need.


It is important to find out what internet options are available at your new location as early as possible since installing new circuits can take time. You may have to settle for cable or DSL connections as a temporary solution until a fiber optic solution can be installed, which can sometimes take upwards of 6-months (assuming it is possible).

Choose your provider not just based on the speeds they offer, but also on the reliability of their services. After all, even if you invest in a first-grade IT infrastructure, it will underperform if your internet connectivity is intermittent.


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Get the help of experts

It’s important to stay within a set budget, but you should never hesitate to spend the appropriate amount of money to transfer your equipment to your new location or assemble an IT system that makes your company more productive and efficient. If you are unsure about the details, you can turn to experts who specialize in helping clients relocate their business.

Some managed services providers (MSPs) specialize in relocating your entire IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on other crucial business-related concerns. MSPs go beyond finding a suitable internet provider — they will also help you plan the structure of your IT system and prepare contingency measures for any possible tech-related issue you may encounter. Should you need to build your infrastructure from scratch, an MSP can assist you in finding the right equipment from the best vendors in the market.

Additionally, an MSP ensures that your files are protected from multiple threats and intact for quick recovery. They can also keep downtime to a minimum and ensure that moving your IT system is a breeze, letting you go back to serving your customers from your new office.

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