5 Ways to improve client experience through robust IT

5 Ways to improve client experience through robust IT

If you face stiff competition from other law firms in your area, you need to stand out by ensuring positive client experience. One of the best ways to do this is by employing the power of great IT.

Here are examples of how IT can be used to improve customer experience:

#1. Simplify data entry with automation

Many law firms today use customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep track of their interactions with their clients. CRM is an essential tool in improving the service you offer and maintaining positive relationships with your clients.

However, CRM apps require the entry of a lot of data, which, when done manually, can take up a lot of your lawyers’ time. CRM automation tools like Introhive Automate allow your firm to automate time-consuming tasks like data entry and analysis, leaving lawyers with more time to face, interact with, and provide valuable service to their clients. Automation also eliminates the risk of human error and can handle simple but important tasks such as:

  • Contact sync – Synchronize new contacts in your CRM with Google Contacts
  • Post-meeting notes and appointments – Automate your CRM to take note of client information after a meeting or set notes as agreed upon
  • Social media profile scraping – Extract and record data from your client’s public social media channels

#2. Improve efficiency through collaboration software

Collaboration apps like Slack allow users to exchange ideas and resources wherever they are in the world as long as they are online. They also allow managers and their team members to communicate directly with each other, making it possible to discuss operational improvements and implement them faster. With these tools in place, there is less room for delays and mistakes that lead to inefficiency.

You can also use collaboration software to give your clients easy access to your firm in case they have concerns, questions, or feedback, or if you need to give them updates regarding their case. Your clients want peace of mind — and open communication channels with you can help give them that.


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#3. Ensure data security at every turn

You have an ethical and legal obligation to protect from theft and loss of the valuable information your clients provide you. Besides cybersecurity tools like antivirus software and firewalls — which help protect your network from hackers and malware — you also need several other layers of security and policies along with cloud-based back-ups to prevent data loss.

The right managed services provider (MSP) can help you choose advanced cybersecurity tools that meet your law firm’s needs and implement protocols designed to keep every aspect of your network secure. They can also monitor your network for threats and errors and resolve these before they make an impact on your operations.

#4. Make it easy to pay bills

Your clients are likely to be busy people, so they want their interactions with your firm to be seamless and smooth, even when it comes to paying bills. Make the process easier — and more environmentally friendly — by going paperless. You can generate online invoices that your clients can receive through email or an SMS message. Offer multiple payment methods. Some clients will want flexible payment options while others will want the option to pay everything instantly.

#5. Always be available with mobile technology

There are times when your client will reach out to you even when you’re away from the office. Today, most collaboration and communication tools are available on mobile. Installing these on your smartphone will ensure that you are always within reach.

Do note, however, that mobile is not invulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Smartphones and tablets that are used for work should therefore be subject to stringent security policies.

Modern challenges require modern solutions. Traditional customer service approaches, such as showing empathy for your clients’ needs remain very effective, but great IT can augment your capabilities and help you provide the kind of attention and service your customers need.

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