Using tech to help your law firm attract fresh talent

Using tech to help your law firm attract fresh talent

Your law firm is only as good as the attorneys in your team. This is why hiring top-tier talent is essential if you want to delight your clients and have them prefer your firm over others for all their legal needs. The job market, however, has become more competitive in recent years and lawyers are no longer limited to just law firms when it comes to employment options.

To find the best talent, you must make your firm as attractive to them as possible. Tech-savvy millennials now comprise a significant bulk of the workforce, so to entice this group of people, you need to know what their ideal workplace is like.

Consider these changes:

#1. Flexible working options

Work-life balance is an important consideration for many millennial professionals, which is why a large percentage considers flexible working options an appealing workplace perk. Give your lawyers more freedom over where and when they accomplish their tasks. This means letting them use their own devices for work. However, keep in mind that a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy carries its own share of security risks, so be sure to adjust your cybersecurity measures accordingly.

#2. Comfortable spaces

Younger workers dislike cubicles, so consider building open, comfortable, and homey spaces instead. Economize by making these spaces conducive for multipurpose use, where your attorneys can work on documents, discuss cases with their colleagues, or even take a brief breather when needed.

#3. Career sabbaticals

If you want your lawyers to invest their time and expertise in your firm, you need to invest in them as well. Allow and support them as they pursue higher studies or other steps that will enhance their careers. This will encourage them to come back with increased knowledge and fresh perspectives that will benefit your firm in the long run.

#4. Involvement

Giving the younger members of your team a voice and making them part of the decision-making process will make them feel more valued. If your firm doesn’t have an associate board, build one that would serve as an avenue for young lawyers to exercise responsibility and foster accountability.


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Using tech to attract young talent

Technology has a growing influence on many aspects of operations across various industries, including the legal sector. Here are four ways to attract fresh, elite talent and overcome the risk of talent drain using tech:

#1. Use data to customize your workplace

Using data analytics, you can have a better grasp of your lawyers’ preferences, interests, habits, and priorities. This can help you transform your firm into a company that supports the needs of its team while maximizing productivity, efficiency, and bottom line.

#2. Be secure and flexible with the cloud

Many law firms consider the cloud a touchy topic, but it’s actually one of the best ways to attract new talent and augment your data security in the process. Cloud technology allows users to share and process files smoothly even when they’re away from their desk, provided they’re connected to the internet. It supports flexible working options, which is attractive to young people. Finally, keeping backups of your firm’s files in the cloud provides an additional layer of protection from data theft and loss.

#3. Create small, connected teams

Fresh ideas are among the best things about fresh talent. A study points out that the best way to maximize this potential is by creating small teams instead of big ones. Group together associates, assistants, and paralegals with specific lawyers and connect them with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. With smaller teams, each member will have their share of responsibility and will feel more accountable for their group’s outputs.

#4. Care for your staff with personal anxiety apps

Stress and high pressure are a common occurrence in the legal sector, which is likely why legal professionals have a higher risk of committing suicide than other professionals. Being aware of this, younger people care about mental health. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons why they quit jobs. To attract and keep young talent, encourage them to leverage meditation and mindfulness apps to help manage their anxiety. You can also suggest Pomodoro apps that break work into doable chunks and give them a few minutes every day to step back and prioritize their mental well-being.

There are many ways to use technology to overcome the hurdles that your law firm faces today. At Vertex, we can help you maximize the benefits you can gain from innovative solutions and services like the cloud and managed IT, and use these to optimize your law firm for faster and greater growth. Contact us today!

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