Streamline the storage, shipping, and final delivery of your products with better IT management from Vertex.

Few industries need mobile technology as much as the transportation and logistics sector

Efficiency is paramount for distribution companies. To remain competitive, you need to minimize the time between steps in your fulfillment process. By reducing the frequency of IT downtime and integrating your existing software and hardware with cloud upgrades, Vertex can enable your fleet to do more work in less time.

From storing and accessing freight data to invoice reconciliation, our industry-specific plans for distribution businesses are the swiftest, most thorough solution to achieving enterprise-level IT. If your operation is in need of better tech support, but can’t afford a team of in-house experts, our fully-managed IT services are the answer.

Distributors who partner with Vertex get:

  • Customized backup policies that safeguard your mission-critical data.
  • Nonstop monitoring of all your technology solutions for unbeatable support response times.
  • Scalable technology solutions ready to augment their capacity the minute you request it.
  • Technology Consulting to help plan and implement solutions to streamline your operations like wireless warehouse solutions

Client Testimonial

“I Now Spend More Time Growing the Business and Increasing Profits Than Ever Before”

“I Now Spend More Time Growing the Business and Increasing Profits Than Ever Before”

"Our old IT provider use to schedule daily reboots to resolve performance and application problems. I would spend hours everyday managing IT related problems and the users impacted by them. Vertex eliminated all of that allowing me to spend my time running our business and not dealing with ...Read More

Operations Manager
Accurate Fasteners

Property Management & Real Estate

Your business takes place all over the map, but that doesn’t mean your IT can’t follow you wherever you go. From remote access solutions to cloud-hosted email, Vertex knows what it takes to keep you working from anywhere.

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Vertex provides a total package of simple industry IT solutions and end-to-end services that ensure the assembly line at your shop is never stuck waiting for broken IT.

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We offer flexible and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of insurance companies. Whether you're looking for increased security, greater efficiency or a more streamlined business experience, our IT support and management is the answer.

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IT solutions in the healthcare industry are about more than just compliance. They’re about balancing regulated standards with the highest possible patient care standards. Vertex has the solutions to make that a reality.

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Rehabilitation Services

Many Rehabilitation Services practices mistakenly assume that they’re exempt from health data regulations because patients have been sent from hospitals or insurance providers. Vertex knows that’s not true and we know how to make it right.

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