From compliance services to disaster recovery planning, we’re the go-to IT provider for healthcare practices in the Greater Toronto Area

Vertex improves the health of your IT systems so you can focus on the health of your patients

After nearly 20 years of trustworthy IT consulting in the Greater Toronto Area, we have developed extensive knowledge and experience in securing IT infrastructures and protecting personal health information.

We architect, implement and support IT systems to provide maximum uptime and performance to ensure your patients needs are never put on hold due to a server or network going down.

Our industry-leading services allow you to store electronic medical records safely, get a better return on investment from your technology, and streamline the efficiency of your scheduling and appointment services

The Vertex healthcare provider package is comprised of:

  • Assistance with PHIPA compliance
  • Cloud computing bundles that make your data easier for employees to access and harder for cybercriminals to steal.
  • Fixed-fee managed IT services that include onsite and offsite support whenever you need it.
  • Project management and implementation plans tailored to your schedule and business needs.
  • Backup solutions with built-in monitoring and ransomware protection.

Client Testimonial

"In my rough estimation, Vertex's managed solution saved us approximately $30k per year in downtime and lost productivity"

“In my rough estimation, Vertex’s managed solution saved us approximately $30k per year in downtime and lost productivity”

"We originally moved over to Vertex in 2010 because our former service provider only maintained our internal network. The problem was that there were so many cases where something would go wrong and he would claim that it’s not within his domain. In our business, IT is so mission critical that ...Read More

Executive Director

Property Management & Real Estate

Your business takes place all over the map, but that doesn’t mean your IT can’t follow you wherever you go. From remote access solutions to cloud-hosted email, Vertex knows what it takes to keep you working from anywhere.

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For companies responsible for getting their client’s products to market, efficiency isn’t just a matter of saving money -- it’s a matter of staying in business. Our Cloud Computing and Managed IT services are the best option for Toronto-area businesses that want to minimize downtime and maximize reliability.

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Vertex provides a total package of simple industry IT solutions and end-to-end services that ensure the assembly line at your shop is never stuck waiting for broken IT.

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We offer flexible and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of insurance companies. Whether you're looking for increased security, greater efficiency or a more streamlined business experience, our IT support and management is the answer.

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Rehabilitation Services

Many Rehabilitation Services practices mistakenly assume that they’re exempt from health data regulations because patients have been sent from hospitals or insurance providers. Vertex knows that’s not true and we know how to make it right.

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