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From open houses to final walk-throughs, our cloud computing IT solutions follow you wherever you need to do business.

The more mobile you are, the more deals you close

The primary benefit of cloud technology is mobility. But although out-of-the-box cloud solutions give you access to software, important documents, and communications platforms from anywhere, they’re not equipped to meet modern security minimums. No, for that you’ll need a consultant with the experience and certifications necessary to steer you away from an expensive data breach.

What Vertex does for you is consolidation and simplification. Regardless of whether you subscribe to one cloud service or ten, we help you build and execute a bulletproof cloud solution that lets you concentrate on managing and selling your properties.

Our Property Management & Real Estate services include:

  • Unlimited support and consulting for your entire IT infrastructure
  • Installation and deployment of new services and upgrades
  • Disaster-recovery and data-backup solutions
  • Regular onsite checkups and quarterly reviews

Client Testimonial

  • “Having increased our day to day productivity and efficiencies with reliable computer systems and a new Paperless Office Solution, we can estimate a savings of $3520/month, all thanks to Vertex."

    “Having increased our day to day productivity and efficiencies with reliable computer systems and a new Paperless Office Solution, we can estimate a savings of $3520/month, all thanks to Vertex.”

    "Our previous IT was outsourced and we weren’t getting great local service. Service level was the main driver to us realizing we needed to switch, but we also felt we didn’t have the right products, and no one was paying attention to us or what we needed. The programs our previous IT provider told us to implement were difficult to use, so no one used them. Since partnering with Vertex and subscribing to a customized Managed Service Plan that fits our business, we can estimate a savings of $3520/month, as productivity and efficiencies have increased. The Vertex team has the knowledge and expertise to recommend and implement the right applications and solutions that fit our business needs. Vertex has done so much for us and has developed our relationship to a place we are really happy with."

    Managing Partner
    Wardle Daley Bernstein Bieber LLP

  • A major disaster took place when our email system crashed...

    and we were unable to recover from backups. We temporarily lost all our emails and were unable to access or use email for several days. Our first priority was to get up and running as quickly as possible in order to effectively service our clients. We connected with Vertex and had them come in, assess and take over the situation. Vertex recommended to immediately outsource our email to a hosted Cloud solution, which got the office up and running the next day. The decision to migrate email to the Cloud was a good decision from Vertex and within 24 hours our email was flowing. Since then, Vertex has taken over the support of our entire network providing us with their Cloud Hosted email, other recommended solutions and proactive Managed Service plan."

    Garfin Zeidenberg LLP.


For companies responsible for getting their client’s products to market, efficiency isn’t just a matter of saving money -- it’s a matter of staying in business. Our Cloud Computing and Managed IT services are the best option for Toronto-area businesses that want to minimize downtime and maximize reliability.

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Vertex provides a total package of simple industry IT solutions and end-to-end services that ensure the assembly line at your shop is never stuck waiting for broken IT.

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We offer flexible and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of insurance companies. Whether you're looking for increased security, greater efficiency or a more streamlined business experience, our IT support and management is the answer.

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IT solutions in the healthcare industry are about more than just compliance. They’re about balancing regulated standards with the highest possible patient care standards. Vertex has the solutions to make that a reality.

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Rehabilitation Services

Many Rehabilitation Services practices mistakenly assume that they’re exempt from health data regulations because patients have been sent from hospitals or insurance providers. Vertex knows that’s not true and we know how to make it right.

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